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Quality Revolution

SINOBOOM GN series produced by SINOBOOM is a qualitative revolution in the scissor lift segment. Exceptional precision and quality of used materials and components from well-known manufacturers puts this product in the group of the most professional devices appreciated by a wide range of demanding recipients in the world.

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Q-LINE is a portfolio of electric scissors destined for the European market with many technical and structural improvements which are the result of our very experienced technical & operational team, added with very critical & valuable feedback from our diverse customer base, such as, construction companies, logistic companies, maintenance companies and local governments. Due to the fact that we combine all this feedback, a PREMIUM portfolio of scissor lifts has been produced for daily work, not for repair! Thanks to all these PREVENTIVE solutions on the scissor platforms of the Q-LINE series, the total of repairs and spare parts will change significantly. This Win-Win strategy will be our and your success!


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